aiDorama: An Asian drama & movie fanblog


This is the first, official post here! Sheeree and I have been talking about making a fanblog for dramas for a few weeks now, and I was finally inspired to start. I’ll start working on the general drama reviews pages soon. The layout’s a major work in progress. I made a header I wanted to use (from Devil Beside You!), but I think I have to pay for that, and that may take a while… so it’s just a general layout for now.

We also decided to focus a bit more on Japanese/Taiwanese dramas, since there’re so many Korean ones already, but it really depends on what I’ve watched/am watching at the time.

And I’m citing right now, because I’ll probably use it for a lot of picspams.

Anyhoo, hope we manage to be a useful fanblog! And, on that note…

…no first entry could possibly be good without Joe Cheng’s sexiness. =]


Also! Since Destiny has her own freakin’ floor, and has not my internet curse, she will probably be doing more drama posting. And since she has not my addiction to Oriental music fandoms, I will be doing more posting and pimp posting in that area.

Now go look at Joe some more.

-Sheeree ^^


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