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9 End 2 Outs

(D) Rating: 9.7
I watched this in two parts–the plot threatened to have potential draggage about midway, so I stopped watching it for about a month. When I finally got back and finished this drama, however, it was unbelievable. Very intense, insightful and heartwarming themes of love, friendship, finding yourself and fulfilling dreams. Some parts were really touching, and the whole story was was brought together really well.

Favorite scene: It’s been a while since I’ve seen this, but the scene that I cannot forget/made me think the most was definitely near the end, when they receive the letters they wrote to themselves about 10 years before, and realized how different their lives were… most touching/noteworthy was the letter that everyone received from that friend that died. It was really sad, yet uplifting because of how they said that, because a friend with such a promising future and dreams was never given the chance to live, everyone else should work harder to fulfill their own dreams for him. It was just really sweet.

Autumn Tale
(S) Rating: 4
Did suicide rates increase after this aired? I do love the Song couple, but even their happy moments have a depressing air. I really, REALLY wish Mr Main Guy did not do what he did at the end. I got through this with the help of Won Bin, being a breath of fresh air as Tae Suk, and the probably unintentionally hilarious Shin Ae.

Favourite scene: I rather think I don’t have one. Let’s just say any scene with Tae Suk oppa.

(D) Rating: 3
Terribly depressing. Everyone cried every 5 minutes. The angst was unbearable and made the show not worth the watch. There was never any hope in this one.

Bad Couple
(D) Rating: 8.7
Definitely worth a watch, even though it got a tiny bit draggy near the end. Made me cry, but still had a nice ending. Refreshingly philosophical, but not really preachy.

Bad Family

(D) Rating: 9.5
Adorable and funny, yet emotional. Awesome characters.

Capital Scandal
(S) Rating: 9.8
Extremely strong and engaging plot. Kang Ji Hwan wants me to have his children, Han Go Eun is also wonderful, not to mention a babe, Han Ji Min is cute in her tininess. It would be appreciated if she changed her clothes more. The supporting cast is also very good. The sets and costumes are fabulous at doing modern and old-fashioned simultaneously. Special call out to the woman who hatches from an egg.

Favourite scene: Sun Woo Wan teaching Na Yeo Kyung how to waltz. And the scene where he tells her to smile. And when he overhears a mistaken Na Yeo Kyung say a certain something to Other Guy, and the scene following. I love you, Kang Ji Hwan.

(D) Rating: 10
Loved every minute of it. Amazing costumes… they really got into the time period. Han Go Eun’s character wins the Best Character Ever award. A good ending, even though I bawled in the last two episodes shamelessly.

Coffee Prince
(S) Rating: 9
Worth the hype, although, as is common, we wish they had not extended it and rather spoilt the ending. Fabulously acted by all, the cast is perfection. The princes are wonderful, the angst a rare type, not being induced by death. The soundtrack is also very good.

Favourite scene: When they’re on the beach at night, and Han Kyul covers her hands while she’s sleeping. And The Kiss, after he makes up his mind.

(D) Rating: 9.3
It was great fun to watch. A teensy bit frustrating at times, but understandably so. Beautiful supporting cast. And, of course, main cast. Some of the cutest couples / couple moments ever. Definitely a must-watch.

Dal Ja’s Spring
(S) Rating: 9
Refreshingly original. Chae Rim and Lee Min Ki are both very good. I could listen to Min Ki talk all day.

Favourite scene: the last two episodes are fantastic. I’ll pick the kiss at the end of the penultimate episode, and the surrounding scene. Na-nun yoja i nikka (because I’m a girl).

(D) Rating: 9.8
A ton of fun; loved all the characters. Fell completely in love with Lee Min Ki. Interesting plot, and great life lessons. And shout-out to the psychotic wife of the Other Guy. She was hilarious.

Favorite Scene: When the Other Guy gets really into the cheesy mangas and begs his secretary to tell him what will happen to the protagonist… it seemed very out of character, but in a realistic and adorable way.

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
(S) Rating: 7
Frustrating for a large portion of the middle, but also has its good moments. Jae Hee steals the show, especially in the last few episodes. The Other Guy runs around yelling ‘Mine!’ He made me spend a lot of episodes heaving aggravated sighs.

Favourite scene: Mong Ryong finding excuses to see her again at the end.

(D) Rating: 8
A fun watch; interesting. The Other Guy and Girl were pretty annoying and destructive, but didn’t really ruin the plot.

Full House
(S) Rating: 5
Repetitive, but a fun watch. Song Hye Kyo is pretty and pretty talented, Rain is a freak in the most endearing way. The couple have great chemistry when they argue. Not much else happens. Thank you for the Three Bears song.

Favourite scene: Uh… it rather blends into one. After Rain’s made her sign the extended contract, the smug look on his face while he *hugs* the contract is pretty priceless.

(D) Rating: 5.4
Fun, but gets a bit too draggy. The plot’s kind of nonexistent. The arguing could have be done without. I do remember enjoying it for the most part though, so it’s probably not as bad as I recall. Way overrated though.

Great Inheritance
(D) Rating: 9.4
Interesting plot, nice ending, cute characters. Highlight of the show: the school kids. Most ADORABLE things ever. Usually, I don’t get really sucked in the cute children gimmick, but this show is really worth watching just for them.

(S) Rating: Pending

(S) Rating: 7
Good, but overrated. The acting isn’t fabulous, and the pacing is quite slow, but it definitely has its moments. Plus, yes, the sets are to die for. The last episode is the most random thing ever, and feels completely out of whack with the rest of the series.

Favourite scene: It’s been a while… but I think when they’re forced into the room together. While Prince Yul…

(D) Rating: 7.4
A good watch, though a bit draggy. The characters were especially lovable, and the whole setting of it was really exciting.

Goong S
(D) Rating: 7.8
I keep seeing bad ratings for this, but I remember really enjoying it. Se7en was also pretty likeable. It did drag a bit in the middle, but not as much as I’d expect. Not as classic as the original Goong, but I think it dragged a bit less.

(S) Rating: 8

I’m rating this without having seen the last… about 6/7 eps, since I watched it when it was airing, and then it got taken off for copyright reasons. I definitely want to finish it, though. Se7en’s been criticised for his acting, but I thought he was very likeable, and didn’t shy away from doing wacky slapstick. I got really bored in the middle; until episode 10, when he changed. My interest level shot up after that point. Yang Soon Yi got on my nerves a bit, and only really had one expression. The Queen was buff. ^^ Se7en’s theme song Promise is a frequently played track.

Favourite scene: Se7en’s becoming serious, in general, and the Princes’ competition.

Hello! Miss

(S) Rating: 6

Started off with a lot of potential, but completely lost the plot (figuratively speaking). Lee Ji Hoon’s Dong Gyu was my saving grace. Unapologetically sweet; so adorable… Lee Da Hae’s character was… not the most likeable ever, but as ever she did well with the comedy; one of the most expressive faces ever. Took way too long to fall for him. I mean, he gets on his knees because he feels so bad for you even though he didn’t do anything wrong, he covers you up when you accidentally let slip your womanly assets, he dresses up as a (rather hideous) woman for you… what more do you want??!? There was a point near the end when his grandfather and aunt were being so mean to him, for no reason. HISSS. Also, Paran’s Ryan is hot.

Favourite scene: The episode when they get together. One point of relief in about 10 episodes.

(D) Rating: 7
Oh, the drama… and not really the good kind. Repetitive cycle of frustration for quite a while. It did have it’s moments though.

Hong Gil Dong

(D) Rating: 9.2
Brilliant. The political and social ironies that this drama pointed out (in an utterly hilarious manner) completely made this show. There were a few episodes near the end when it lost the amazing comedy and settled for a much darker theme in order to set up the actual ending, and those were definitely the most tedious and difficult, for me, to get through–they were also where the show lost the most points in my rating. I liked the ending, although I still have to wish that it had been typically happier, just because that’s the way I am. The show is haunting, yet hilarious and hopeful and inspiring, yet realistic. The character development complimented the theme of ironic contradictions really well, even though there were some parts that could have been done better.

Favorite Scene: I loved the interactions between Hwal Bin Dang and Chang Hwi’s army. I think they had two scenes with that, when the army visits and tries to train Hwal Bin Dang, and it ends up absolutely hilarious, yet really sweet (especially when that one soldier who is chasing after Gomi ends up comforting him). It also shows how, as Chang Hwi’s assistant mentions, how the ground of Hwal Bin Dang, with their equality and Utopian society, is like a completely different world. And also shows that even the king’s men, who are from the oppositional world, still find peace and happiness there. It’s the true insight into what the world that Hwal Bin Dang and Hong Gil Dong are fighting for–which is also why it is so heart-breaking for everyone, even the attackers, to try to destroy that. On a lighter note, although Jang Geun Suk’s acting doesn’t compare to Kang Ji Hwan’s, Geun Suk, with his sexy/mysterious Prince outfits, was one of the best eye-candy actors I have seen in a drama in ages… and I mean that quite literally, because, as pathetic as this sounds, he really did make my eyes water. =P

(S) Rating: 9.898…

Sorry for the wishywashyness, but thats the sort of drama it is. Not the most hookish start ever, but gets better episode by episode. Kang Ji Hwan is the heart of this drama; perfect. Sung Yuri does very well, Jang Geun Seok sometimes monotonous, but so pretty its scary. Funny is hilarious, serious is touching. Addictive side characters, interesting, eye-catching sets, fun soundtrack. Ridiculously addictive all round. The ending was beautifully done, not letting itself be sad, very fitting. Impossible not to get into.

Favourite scene: Main OTP moments, when they’re trying to work out how to be together; all those twists and turns involved here; when Yi Nok works out its really not okay, and goes to stand by and support him silently anyway, how happy Gil Dong is when she can finally join them… Also agreeing with Destiny up there, the interactions between Hwan Bil Dang and Kongja’s army; especially their last meeting: both loyal to their cause and their side, yet meeting in acknowledgement of respect for each other one last time. Lovely.

I Really, Really Like You
(D) Rating: 8
Hilarious. Min Ki fit perfectly into his obnoxious character. Min Ki/Eugene had great chemistry. The only faults with the show are 1) it was long and 2) it didn’t spend as much time as it should have on Min Ki/Eugene, and angst a little too long on Ryu Jin’s character’s drama. I was devastated when it was over though; definitely a good watch.

Favorite scene: The ending. And when he confesses to her by the pool. I usually don’t like excessive angst, but that was just good angst.

(S) Pending – watching after my exams are over!

My Girl
(S) Rating: 9.7
Who doesn’t love My Girl? Funny, cute-sad, lots of squeeworthy moments. Lee Da Hae is adorable and charismatic, Lee Dong Wook is especially good in the final episodes, Lee Junki looks pretty, cries pretty and does and says perfect Other Guy things. You’ll grow extremely attached to the supporting cast, too.

Favourite scene: Everything surrounding ‘it just won’t stop snowing’. Sigh. And when she’s drunk and accusing inanimate objects of being Gong Chan-like.

(D) Rating: 9.7
Sheeree basically covered what I was going to say. Plus, the OST simply perfect for the show; very memorable.

Favorite scene: Besides what Sheeree covered (especially the drunk one), that folk song she sings in the village is classic.

My Lovely Sam-Soon
(D) Rating: 8
Really cute, great cast, sweet ending. Sam Soon was a little too mean sometimes to the Main Guy though, and I slightly lost interest in the middle. Jung Ryu Won was gorgeous, and, of course, Daniel Henney was a plus.

(S) Pending

Que Sera Sera

(S) Rating: 8.9

Very unique; sometimes brutally realistic. I liked a lot that it didn’t romanticise the characters’ faults: as a result, all 4 of them really pissed me off at one point or another. Didn’t romanticise, but the romantic bits themselves are AWESOME, without being cliched. This is mostly for the first, sya, 5/6 eps, and that one FANTASTIC episode in the middle. Not so much squee for most of the latter half, but appealed much intellectually, for something different and crazily unpredictable. Cute ending; their smiles!! Said so much.

Favourite scene: Of course that ep in the middle; and the kiss just before it! Mother!

Snow White

(D) Rating: 8
I remember really enjoying this, even though it quite reach its potential in the middle. Kim Jung Hwa started off great, and I was looking forward the (inevitable) make-over… but, somehow, with the make-over, she completely lost her fun personality. After that, it was all just angst and pointless drama. Her whole, “Our jobs are so different; I feel like I don’t belong!” nonsense really bothered me. Lee Wan was ultra-cute though, and even though I didn’t like Oh Seung Hyung’s character at first, her insanity grew on me.

Favorite scene: When Oh Seung Hyung’s character tries to seduce Yun Jung Hoon’s character… and all he cares about is playing pick-up sticks all night.

(S) Rating: 7.5

Started off a lot of fun, felt so bad for Young Hee; but however, her makeover had a de-funning effect on her personality. Her problems at the end with Sun Woo seemed to come out of nowehere. Oh Seung Hyung started off creepy, but was really just harmlessly weird and funny.

Favourite scene: Sun Woo changing his hair. Major awws.

(D) Rating: 10
Hauntingly good. Very unique. Realistic, even though it dealt with a surreal topic. Beautifully done. The soundtrack also worked really well. The actors did a great job. Especially loved Shin Dong Wook.

(S) Rating: 10

One of the most unique dramas ever. Begins in a very modern, Western style which turned some people I know off it, but it’s definitely a must-watch. The arrangement of the episodes was also fabulous. And yes, the soundtrack is perfection.

Favourite scene: Dong Wook sshi first having the dream flashback in reality, and realising what his dreams mean.

Time of Dog and Wolf
(S) Rating: 8.8
Lee Jun Ki. Need one say more? Occasionally overacting, but at times also perfect. Wonderful to see him as Kay. Very slick. Rather despise the Other Guy, and Nam Sang Mi too, occasionally. Loved the mobsters.

Favourite scene: When he gets his memory back… although really, adorable to watch as Kay.

(D) Rating: 8.8
Ate it up during the watch. A very artsy/strange ending, but not really a bad one, so I was content. The plot was really suspenseful and interesting, but there were a few parts that got a bit draggy, and the plot twist at the end didn’t completely settle for me… still worth the watch though.

What’s Up Fox?
(D) Rating: 8.3
Cute moments, cute characters, funny scenarios. The Main Girl’s a little whiny at first though, and I couldn’t quite get into the Main Couple for some reason. Really liked the ending, but I still couldn’t completely get into it.

Favorite scene: The Main Girl’s daydream about seducing and corrupting the utterly geeky/innocent Main Guy; plus, the background music was perfect in its own right.

(S) Pending

Who Are You?

(D) Rating: 9.9
Original, had amazing characters and character development, very satisfying. Tons of laughter, a decent bit of tears, great ending. Yoon Kye Sang’s acting was brilliant in his “double” role. Completely lovable.

(S) Pending

Witch Yoo Hee
(D) Rating: 6.8
Enjoyable at first, but then gets repetitive, draggy and annoying.

(S) Rating: 6
On a steady downhill slope, this one. I think the only drama where I didn’t care at all about what happened to them at the end. Also, the soft voiced one’s character was… o.O Han Ga In is pretty, but rather… flat. Haraboji had heart attacks. As he does.

Favourite scene: The elopement in the penultimate episode was quite adorable. Oh, and Moo Ryong making up his own song to the theme of Lee Jun Ki’s pomegranate CF.


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  1. * ken says:

    I LOVE SOULMATE highly recommend it… i cant wait for season 2

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  2. * palomino says:

    currently i am really into iljimae, its kind of like hong gil doong! and i couldnt quite get into soulmate, coz i saw the ending bfore the beginnng lol!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  3. * xiahkixiri says:

    Soulmate ❤ I hate Spoilers. I’m glad you’re liking Iljimae! It seems the majority think its pretty ridiculous, so I’m glad there are fans!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  4. * Xengdynasty says:

    Is there even going to be a season two for Soulmate? I really hope there is, but people keep saying there isn’t….plus haven’t it been two years already since season one?

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  5. * xiahkixiri says:

    Xengdynasty: I heard season 2 got cancelled because the ratings were pretty bad; it aired verrry late, around midnight, also, which can’t have helped. But many people are also behind it/talk about petitions and things. But yeah, I’m pretty sure that right now, its off.

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  6. * robin says:

    i really liked my lovely kim sam soon. sam soon’s character blew me away. i would rate it a 10 :]

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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