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We have moved! ^^

So, we’ve moved home. We are now located at…

I’ve just done a post on the Hana Kimi Japan ispecial. I hope I can be better over there. ^^



Hey hey! So, I was thinking about reviving this blog, now that I finally have my pretty new Macbook and all, but I don’t know how useful we were..

So, basically a call-out. Do people want us to revive this? If you do, I’m thinking of relocating, this became so messy. If anyone still cares, I think I will. Do tell!

S. ^^

the arjoe love is doing a titanic

Extravagant Challenge/Skip Beat


Jerry Yan Cheng Xu 言承旭
Ariel Lin Yi Chen 林依晨
Joe Cheng Yuan Chang 鄭元暢

This drama should never see the light of day. Why, you ask?


2) Jerry’s being a jerk. –> Proceed to

He wants more screentime. Even though he’s already the main guy. He has no right to be a jerk. Jashik.

Source: asianfanatics

ArJoe are back!!

Ohhhhhhhh YES are they back.


Frank looks rich but is in actuality poor and has a huge amount of credit card debts. He has never achieved anything in his life and has to beg his debtors.
Zheng Shan Mei lives an ordinary life while working three jobs to support her family. She also send money for her boyfriend’s studies in America. Despite her parents’ disapproval, she quits her jobs and goes to America to find her boyfriend and get married.
Unfortunately, she finds her boyfriend cheating on her, and with no money left, she is forced to go back to Taiwan without notifying her family. There, she meets Frank, and unexpectedly, she ends up sharing the same jaded house with him. He is lazy and irresponsible while she is hard-working and kind- hearted. They are two different individuals whose only similarity is to live for money. Frank doesn’t like Shan Mei’s eagerness to make a living, but eventually, his feelings begins to change, but he can only keep his feelings to himself; he’s even willing to leave her if it makes her happy. Until one day, Shan Mei found her prince, En Hao, who is a rich, kind man, and very considerate. But when she’s with En Hao, she starts to think about Frank.
WOWS. According to DramaWiki, original choice was Ariel, then it was decided that Barbie was better, then Barbie backed out because of schedule conflicts, so then it was given back to Ariel.
OH. MY. GOD. Excuse me while I grab a leprechaun and dance in glee.

Nuguseyo? Ep 1 Picspam

I know, I know. All I can say is; I’m just not a lucky person. Na-nun chaesu-ga an choa. Warning: Big, HQ stuff happening behind the cut.

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Singh Is Kinng… the excitement


I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m posting to express my excitement that the movie has gotten great reviews (I met someone who watched it yesterday, actually, and she was gushing about it too). Yay for Akshay success<3. 

The stupid Indian movie theater near my house, however, FOR SOME REASON, has decided to have two Malayalam movies instead of Singh Is Kinng (even though they’ll have Bachna Ae Haseeno/God Tussi Great Ho this week), so I think I’ll have to end up watching it in……………………………… *hides in shame* ………………………………….. VCD quality. Curses! (Unless I lose my patience and just end up driving a couple hours to watch it elsewhere… which is not something, knowing me, I’d rule out just yet)


PS: FACT OF THE DAY… Akshay Kumar’s real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia. Teehee.

Bollywood Music =]

I’m back! And from my Indian TV exposure during the trip, I have compiled some music recommendations for you guys:

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na: This has gotten old, admittedly… but after watching the movie/hearing the songs all the time, the soundtrack was become practically classic. I’ve almost memorized the entirety of Pappu Can’t Dance JUST so I can sing it all at any random moment of silence. Kahin To Hogi is also catchy for me, just because it makes me sad thinking about the part in the movie. =P The rest of the soundtrack is, of course, still great, but I’ve overplayed them a bit too much already.
Love Story 2050Milo Na Milo and Sach Kehna are still on my playlist, but I have been skipping over them lately. Overplayed too soon… and I haven’t seen the movie yet, so the rest of the soundtrack is still in oblivion.
Kismat Konnection: I saw the movie yesterday! I actually liked it, even though it wasn’t amazingly amazing. But, even though I promised myself that I wouldn’t think this, Shahid and Vidya really do look bad together onscreen. Not much chemistry at all. Anyway, Aai Pappi is still catchy (and I REALLY want to somehow cut up the intro music with the whole “If you feeling me, make some noise… Ladies and gentlemen raise your voice… na na nanana na na nanana na na nanana nana na” bit and use it as a ringtone). Plus, the two slower songs have also grown on me more after watching the movie. 
Singh is Kinng: So far, the only songs I downloaded is Bas Ek King, which I find less annoying than the title track, but still has the unwittingly catchy “Singh is Kinnnnnnnnnnng” bit to it. I guess it’s because I’m not a huge Punjabi music fan, so that gimmick kind of went over my head. And although Teri Ore is also one of the *big* songs of the movie, it’s been pretty abrasively annoying for me too. Maybe I’ll like the music more after watching the movie.
Bachna Ae Haseeno: Out of this soundtrack, Lucky Boy has caught on first for me (besides the oldie remix title track, of course). Khuda Jaane pretty great too… but Aahista Aahista is reallyyy annoying. I like the male parts of it, but the female parts, especially the main/title line, makes me want to kill myself. Jogi Mahi and Smalltown Girl seem decent too, but I haven’t really listened to them yet, especially because they haven’t shown up in the promos yet.
God Tussi Great Ho: Despite the cold professional reviews (profesh reviewers have to be some of the most cynical people ever) and the discouraging fact that this movie is a rip-off Bruce Almighty, I’ve been really digging the soundtrack. Especially Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghuma Dun. It reminds me of some sort of 90s Govinda/Sanjay Dutt romantic comedy, but in a good way. And the whole “Ai hai” bit has been unnaturally catchy. The rest of the songs are a little too unoriginal, but Lal Chunariya still pretty decent, as is Tumko Dekha.Let’s Party doesn’t even try at ALL at semi-originality though, so I can’t bother with that.
Maan Gaye Mughall-E-Azam: I haven’t listened to anything else, but Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya has been in my head for a while, courtesy to promos. But although I haven’t seen the actual/original Mughall-E-AzamMallika Sherawat playing such a classic role in the music video (with the classic headwear and a bikini) kills a little part of my soul.
Money Hai Toh Honey Hai: The theme song and Awaara Dil’s catchy. Even though anyone who thought a movie with that name could actually have an audience was… well, not very smart.
Mission Istanbul: The theme song has to be the most retarded this ever, but I heard this movie was pretty good, so am aiming to see it sometime. I have been listening toNobody Like You lately though, which the song with Abhishek Bachchan’s guest appearance music video.

These songs can be downloaded @ =]

Now, I was planning to make up for the blogging time I missed during the trip / when I’m away at college in these final 2 weeks of summer, but I had a glitch in my laptop that I needed to fix before I left… so, yeah, that’ll take from 1 to 3 weeks (well, if it’s more than 2 weeks, then I’ll have to get a new one, but it’ll be too late anyway). I’ll try to update a little, but this computer doesn’t have Photoshop, so that’ll slow me down quite a bit. 


PS: I’ll put up ratings of the Bollywood movies Kismat Konnection and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and the Korean drama Super Rookie shortly.

Japanese live action of Mars?? *rumour*

Rumours are eberywhere!! A Japanese live action version Mars; starring Horikita Maki in Barbie’s role, and Akanishi Jin in ZaiZai’s!!!! EEP!! Still rumours, nothing confirmed yet, but holy smokes. I don’t think I want to see them do that… And I haven’t had the opportunity to see Jin in a drama yet, but much much as the boy is loved, I think he’s not meant to be a very good actor. What to think…

– Sheeree

Thanks for sticking with me! ^^

As expected, our viewers are decreasing, but more people than I thought are still sticking around! ^^ &hearts Much love to you guys. I’m working fulltime for now, but that also means I should be getting my macbook soon! And then things will be MUCH better. One or two weeks is all! aidorama HWAITING!! I’m not giving up on it yet!

– Sheeree

Heads up!

In case you don’t know already, eagerly awaited Japanese movie ‘L Saves The World’, spinoff of the popular Death note movies, AND, equally eagerly awaited Korean movie ‘Destiny’/’Fate’, starring hunky heartthrobs Kwon Sang Woo, Song Seung Hoon and Ji Sung, have both been subbed. So, it’s upto you to go find them! ^^

– Sheeree