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***Note: Unlike in the other review pages, where we write about all the dramas we’ve fully seen, we have limited the Bollywood movie reviews to more recent releases/watches and all-time favorites, just because it would be impossible to rate every Bollywood movie we’ve watched.

Aaja Nachle

(D) Rating: 8.1
Slightly half-baked, yes, but still entertaining. This is Madhuri Dixit’s “comeback” movie, and she looks great… also skinnier than ever. Kunal Kapoor and Konkona Sen were hilarious. Nothing too amazing like whoas, but it’s a nice entertainer.

Bhool Bhulaiyya
(D) Rating: 7.5
Really interesting and had its moments (its moments being AKSHAY KUMAR<3), but not spectacular.

Chak De India
(D) Rating: 10
Oh my GOD, this is complete proof that Shahrukh, even at his current age, can still be sexy… this movie showed that even more than his six-pack in Om Shanti Om. This movie is really inspiring, hilarious and just plain awesome. I also love how this is so not one of those *typical* romantic Shahrukh movies. The supporting cast really made this.

Dil Chahta Hai
(D) Rating: 10
This isn’t all that new, but isn’t one of the *90’s classics* either… it is, however, one of my favorite movies, so I have to put this here. This movie deals not only with romance, but also the theme of true friendship—really touching, great plot, hilarious humor and memorable moments. Saif Ali Khan thrived in this movie and Aamir started his trend of choosing the best movie roles with this. Saif, Aamir and Akshay’s chemistry is fantastic.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
(D) Rating: 9.6
Once you get past Shahrukh’s short shorts and Kajol’s chest-high jeans / partial unibrow, you can’t help but dig this movie. Funny, sweet story and nothing too intense… 90’s class at its best. One of Shahrukh’s most famous movies ever.

Hey Babyy
(D) Rating: 7.9
Funny, sweet, fun. Nothing magical, but it was an entertaining watch.

Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.
(D) Rating: 8.8
I really liked this one… fresh story, great cast (even though they’re not really famous), and very real plotline. Something most people can connect with. I also like how it seriously touches upon topics like homosexuality, which are otherwise not really seen in Indian cinema.

Jab We Met
(D) Rating: 9
This is the movie that finally convinced me that Kareena and Shahid (in real life) WERE a good couple, because he really toned down her vices……………… but then they broke up. Ignoring their personal lives, however, their on-screen chemistry was awesome in this movie. Although Kareena’s character is ultra ditzy at first, her character development in the movie is spectacular. You also can’t help but fall in love with Shahid’s character (and, well, Shahid). Definitely worth a watch.

Jhankaar Beats
(D) Rating: 9.5
This isn’t that recent of a release, but it is horribly underrated and underwatched. It’s absolutely HILARIOUS, yet touching… it must be seen!

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
(D) Rating: 10
Even though I’ve seen this movie 14 (or 15, or 16…) times and can practically recite every line… it just does not get old. I still have my *single tear drop* moments during the sad/emotional parts (I swear I cry more now than I did when I first watched this). And although Shahrukh’s 1998 “cool” look may tear my 2008 soul just a bit, I just cannot deny that I don’t love every minute of it, in every watch.

Laga Chunari Mein Daag
(D) Rating: 6.3
Although I didn’t mind this movie as much as the professional critics did, the plot was pretty shaky. Rani’s character’s turn to prostitution was really not plausible and other parts of the movie were pretty half-baked. I can honestly say that Abhishek and Kunal Kapoor’s characters truly saved the movie… and, of course, the ending. =]

(D) Rating: 8
This is one of those 90’s classics that I constantly pine over. I recently rewatched this movie, and I still see why it counts as one of Those Movies… even though, admittedly, the three main couples’ (besides Shahrukh/Aishwarya) stories were a bit cheesy and overdrawn, the whole Shahrukh and Amitabh relationship really pull the plot way up. The two main exchanges between Shahrukh and Amitabh (characterized by excessive thunder in the background =P) were truly powerful… Shahrukh’s lines in those are to die for as he pulls Amitabh’s cold exterior down. The songs are also the unforgettable type that I know all the words to, even though I’ve only seen this movie twice (the second time was very recently though, so that doesn’t really count). However, even though the guys did a great job in their roles, the 3 female leads all basically blew it (Preeti a little less so than the other two though).

Namastey London
(D) Rating: 9
I just rewatched this movie, and, ahhh, I’m in love with it! I only remembered the cute couple moments, but it’s a nice social commentary… and the emotions in the movie seem so real. Although, not every forced marriage partner, in real life, can be Akshay Kumar. =P Who I’ve seen live in concert (Heat 2006), by the way!

Favorite scene: 1) The scenes in the song “Yahi Hota Pyaar” were really cute; you see Katrina’s character’s love really develop. I especially liked the part when she breaks her heel, so Akshay walks by spinning his shoes in his hand to make her feel better; and then she follows him, spinning her shoes. 2) But the best part was definitely when Akshay/Katrina totally own the jerk that kept making the anti-India snake-charmer jokes. =D

Om Shanti Om
(D) Rating: 8.8
I loved the reincarnation theme. This movie and its soundtrack are definitely overrated, but it really was a good movie. Some of the dialogs and intensely emotional moments really make it memorable for me. And ultra kudos to the 1970’s Bollywood references. If you don’t know Bollywood all that well, then a lot of the humor and *moments* will probably not really work (even I didn’t get some of the movie/director references)

Favorite scene: 1) “OK” Om’s speech when he receives his Best Actor award. So powerful… especially the part when he says, “If you desire something with a true heart, then the entire universe starts working to bring you closer to it” / “In our lives, like in the movies, everything always turns out okay in the end… happies ending… and if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end… the movie’s not over yet.” Those are my favorite quotes ever now. 2) Om/Shahrukh’s FANBOY FAINT when Shanti/Deepika turns around and smiles at him.♥

Page 3
(D) Rating: 9
This is an Art Film, and if you’re looking for something different and unique in Bollywood cinema that still makes sense, this movie’s definitely recommended. Bereft of the typical Bollywood style, it delves into the dirty secrets of celebrity life and touches on ultra-touchy topics. Konkona Sen’s first major movie, and you really have to respect her for it.

Favorite scene: Hands down, the part when she walks in on *someone* and her gay photographer in bed… it was so shocking. I jokingly thought that that’s what was going to happen, but I didn’t really expect it. Chyeah for gay sex in Bollywood movies. =O Hahaha, although the scene was really poorly done, with their boxers on and heads tossing pointlessly. I think it was more funny than shocking, actually, thinking back on it… =P

(D) Rating: 6.9
The soundtrack’s pretty catchy, but the movie’s kind of meh. The humor wasn’t too amazing, but there were a few laughs. As much as I love Salman Khan, both he and Govinda were a bit stiff. A decent watch though.

(D) Rating: 7.2
It was a package entertainer, but I couldn’t really get into it. The pointless plot twist after plot twist really stretched it, and I ended up liking none of the characters except for Saif. Meh.

Sarkar Raj
(D) Rating: 7.8
This is the sequel to Sarkar, which is based partly on The Godfather. However, this sequel is an original plotline based on the family in Sarkar 3 years later. Even though the professional movie critics liked the sequel better (shocking, I know), I was personally a fan of the first movie more. This was interesting, but it was too heavy for my taste. Also, the sound people had WAY too much fun pressing the “dun dun dun” dramatic music. Every other minute. Not to mention the cast… Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan from the original… but now Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan?! Is this a family production or what? I’ve tried to ignore the whole Abhishek/Traish wedding thing, so the movie tried to reopen that wound. BUT, the ending… wuahahahaha. It reminded me a bit TOO much of reality. =P

Favorite scene: The last scene. When Amitabh realizes *someone’s* true intentions. I actually stopped watching the movie with about 1/8th of it left, because of this one shocking scene when I’m like, “NO, ABHISHEK, DON’T DO IT!!!” …and then he can’t do it anymore, much to my surprise. But then I heard about the ending, and I was able to finish it up just because of that final scene.

(D) Rating: 9.9
This is, probably, the most popular movie in Bollywood history. Released in 1975, it’s a true oldie… one of Amitabh Bachchan’s first major movies. You can’t be a Bollywood buff without watching this movie… heck, you can’t even be a true Bollywood fan without watching this movie. I only took the 0.1 points off because I like fully happy endings, and this wasn’t QUITE ideal. Incidentally, they DID try to remake this movie (Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag), but I heard it totally sucked and it looked terrible from the music videos, so I decided not to bother watching it.

Favorite scene: When they first meet Basanti (Hema Malini). =P

(D) Rating: 6.7
Interesting plotline; a good suspense/mystery. Other than that, there’s not much more to say about this one. Ajay’s role was pretty lame, and as what the attempted humor.

(D) Rating: 7.9
Most people didn’t like this as much as I did, but I just truly enjoyed this movie. Akshay was great and I even didn’t mind Kareena (who did look hot, by the way). The charcters were likeable. Not the most original plotline, but it was funny and sweet. Comparing Race with this movie made me realize that I really prefer the old-school action scenes rather than the car chase/high tech ones.

Favorite scene: When we figure out who Kareena’s going to end up with… =]

(D) Rating: 6.3
The best part of this movie is definitely Akshay’s geeky acting, plus Nana’s hilarity. Overall, the movie is okay… funny, but not too memorable. The songs “Ucha Lamba Kad,” “Kiya Kiya” and “Hoth Rasiley” are all catchy, even though they’re overplayed. On both Indian TV and my iPod. =]


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  1. * lola says:

    ahh reading ur reviews, i agree with most of it. Makes me want to watch a bolly movie now.. but cant think of anything good. =\

    everything has been flopping. except that movie jaane tu ya jaane na was pretty refreshing.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 12 months ago
  2. * Destiny says:

    Haha, yeah, I finally saw JTYJN a few days ago; I’ll review it when I get back, but it’s definitelyyy recommended. Loved it<3.

    I still want to see Kismat Konnection too though, even though the reviews are a little mediocre. And there’s still Bachna Ae Haseeno to look forward to!


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 12 months ago
  3. * svelte says:

    I agree with your comments…I also love watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and must have watched it as many times as you did.

    I agree with you Shah Ruh Khan still looks good at his age. He won me over in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

    Thanks for the reviews and hope to see more reviews on more Bollywood movies.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago

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