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Bull Fighting
(D) Rating: 9.6
Fun, but engaging plot. Extremely lovable characters. Great on the romance. Lee Wei’s character is really awesome; you have to love him.

(S) Rating: Pending

Bump Off Lover

(D) Rating: 9.8
Really well made. Great cinematography. Truly suspenseful (even surprised me with a few plot twists). Loved the ending. If you’re looking for a psychological thriller, definitely recommended. Angela Zhang played her double roles really well.

(S) Rating: Pending

Corner With Love
(D) Rating: 9.6
Fun, sweet, interesting. Barbie Xu finally redeemed herself for me since Meteor Garden. A nice, satisfying watch.

(S) Rating: Pending

Devil Beside You
(D) Rating: 9.5
Engaging story, extremely lovable characters (!), some of the cutest moments ever… although it did have it’s share of cheesy moments (memorable as they were). Mike’s hairpins could have been done without.

Favorite scene: I have a ton of favorites, but Mike’s feather mask / concert scene was definitely a scene you can never forget. It’s even better on a second watch of the drama. And, excuse me for this fangirl moment, but the first time he took out the hairpins (when he was sick) and that whole Mike/Rainie moment… it was a definite guh moment. I fell, utterly shamelessly, in love.

(S) Rating: 10

This being my entry into the world of doramas, is worth a 10 for being bloody good enough to get me hooked. Fantastic chemistry between the leads, extremely cute, funny moments. Ah Meng’s friends are too lovable, too. As was his dad. And his brother. *cough* Rainie’s basically the cutest thing alive. I want her blue hair-sock.

Favourite scene: So many. That scene. And so many great lines, i.e your like makes me happiest, and the glove…

Hana Kimi
(D) Rating: 8
Utterly hilarious with a fun plot. However, the ending was unnaturally unsatisfying and anti-climatic; they were trying to be artsy with the ending, but I don’t think it worked very well. Still worth a watch, especially if you’re looking for something light. I had way too much fun watching it.

(S) Rating: 9

When I was watching it, I was obsessed. A complete escapist crackfest. The lead pair are adorable together. Jiro is lovable in his devotion. Hilarious. Leave your brain at the door. The ending is ridiculously anti climatic, but was supposed to be left open for a sequel, so there’s a reason for it at least.

Favourite scene: I’m saying Jiro’s scene in the final episode. Aww, Jiro.

It Started With a Kiss (1)
(D) Rating: 9.5
Absolutely adorable. The whole show is completely about the Joe/Ariel moments, even though the plot isn’t meant to be the main point of it. Many hilarious moments. Extremely heartfelt. It keeps getting better, even on, say, a 3rd watch. This is one of my favorite dramas ever.<3 It’ll always be a “10” in my heart, but I can see why Ariel’s lack of talents can be annoying for a lot of people, including me on the first watch. But she’s still lovable anyway! And Joe basically owns ours souls.

Favorite scene: Joe’s jealousy (and then when he realizes he has no reason to be jealous/they run off together and have a “date”)! And the ending scene, but also the scene before the ending scene when he’s fantasizing about her/their wedding. And, aww, the Jiro angst really got to me. =( And the Christmas scene. Basically the whole thing.

(S) Rating: 9.5

Something you can never tire of. Ariel Lin’s Xiang Qin is either loved or despised for her dimness. I am very much placed in the former category. She. Is. Adorable. Joe is a hot man. The characters are very, very real. Best ending possible.

Favourite scene: The end, no contest, but so many other great ones.

Love Contract

(S) Rating: 1
I got upto exactly halfway before I quit torturing myself. She completely abused him, and he just let her. First I thought he was the deep, silent type… then I realised there was just nothing in his brain. And every guy possible falls in love with her. Some people have liked it, though. I’ve also heard about the ending, and let’s just say it’s… unique.

Favourite scene: HA.

Meteor Garden
(D) Rating: 4.6
If you can’t really fangirl about Jerry Yan, then don’t bother watching this. The show had its moments, but, overall, Barbie’s character terribly selfish and thoroughly ruined the plot with her needles stubbornness and need to be “caring” towards every guy except for Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yan).

Favorite Quote: “If you be my girlfriend, you can walk behind me in the hallways… and, when no one’s around, you can even walk next to me! *beam*” …how can you NOT fall in love with this guy?

(S) Rating: 3

All for Jerry. The show should’ve ended after 5 episodes; WHY it was so popular I do not know. Drags on needlessly, Barbie needs to be bitchslapped, pointless, needless storylines… No one’s going back for the sequel. Go watch the Japanese version, Hana Yori Dango, instead. As good as this is bad.

Favourite scene: Oh, I do love the scene where she’s kidnapped and he comes to rescue her. That was when I realised I loved Jerry.

Marmalade Boy
(D) Rating: 1
I only bothered because I loved the manga, which, unfortunately, the show completely butchered. Bad acting, little chemistry and a very, very infuriating pace. I skipped through a lot of it, because it really was not watchable.

(S) Rating: Pending. Since Destiny hated it so much, it’ll probably stay that way a while.

(D) Rating: 10
I’ve never read the manga, so I can’t compare, even though I’ve heard the manga’s even better than the show, but I absolutely loved this. Very interesting plot and even more interesting characters. Psychotic, creepy and very alluring. Dark and thought-provoking, yet still uplifting and hopeful. The last scene especially deserved some hardcore fangirly squeals.

(S) Rating: 10

Spifftastic. Vic Zhou is a brilliant actor. Intense, a welcome change from the light atmosphere of the majority of twdramas. A few psychos too many, some might say… Also, still waiting to find somebody else who loves Tongdao. He loved ZaiZai, come on!

Favourite scene: Their first meetings… All were so… ♥

My Lucky Star

(S) Rating: 10
This doesn’t quite have that extra something that I thought were in the other dramas I rated 10, but when I was watching this, it possessed me. I couldn’t think about anything else; it’s the perfect cute drama. Quite typical in themes, yet somehow different. Yoo Ha Na is adorable and talented despite the language barrier; she makes some wonderful Lee Da Hae-esque expressions. Jimmy Lin is on a whole other level of cute. What happens after x years later is a fangirl’s dream. Endless squee.

Favourite scene: x years later. And both the being handcuffed together. And Tian Qi and Zhi Yin’s faceoff at the party. So many good scenes.

(D) Rating: Pending… I got up to episode 8 and just stopped for no real reason. I’ll get back to it eventually.

Prince Who Turns To Frog

(D) Rating: 9
Interesting, sweet, intense… a fun watch.

Favorite scene: When Sam Wang realizes his loneliness and lies around after buying flowers from that little girl… I don’t know about favorite, but that scene definitely hit me.

(S) Rating: 9

Qiao En and Mingdao have some srs chemistry, they match each other very well. Mingdao’s character development especially is very interesting to watch. Also provides plenty to squee about. Highest-rated twdrama evah; definitely worth a watch. A warning; you will spend much time staring at the Other Girl’s hair. Just sayin’.

Favourite scene: When Mingdao realises he loves her, near the end…

Romantic Princess

(D) Rating: 7.8
A light and fun watch, but the plot’s really nothing out of the ordinary.

(S) Rating: Pending – I watched the first episode and am not motivated to watch it at all, so..

(D) Rating: 9.8
Intensely emotional. Made me bawl, but still won me over. Sad, but hopeful and sweet. On a side-note, the lucky star sign is oddly addicting.

(S) Rating: 10

Possibly my most favourite drama ever, need I say not for light watching? This ones grabs your heart and does not let go. So sad, and so, so beautiful. Even thinking about it makes my heart clench. Vic Zhou is one again absolutely superb.

Favourite scene: Oh, this one’s easy. When Qi Wei Yi helps the workers, and then he’s sitting drinking with them afterwards for the first time… Plus I have a special place reserved for the scene in the snow.

Smiling Pasta
(D) Rating: 5
Started off great–exciting, fun and cute. If it had just stopped there, this would have been great. But the last few episodes completely butchered the plot, characters and point of the whole show. It dragged on endlessly without a purpose. The characters became thoroughly annoying and just plain stupid.

(S) Rating: 6

I didn’t think this was quite as stupid as Destiny, ha. Pure fluff. Like chewing candy fluff. Sometimes, your teeth will hurt. But yes, the last 5 or so episodes literally had no point. Main Guy’s brother was hot here. Hi, Dino.

Favourite scene: The jinx vs turtle girl contest was cute/funny.

Summer x Summer

(D) Rating: 8
Cute and light. A nice show about realizing one’s passions/dreams; nothing too intense.

(S) Rating: 8

Nothing too memorable, but yep, still cute. Yno, once you get over the fact that Joe isn’t paired opposite Ariel. The stuff they dress him up in, though, God… he does some amazing pouty faces, and especially in her fantasies, that are pure shiny Gold.

Favourite scene: Oh yeah, the fantasies.

They Kiss Again
(D) Rating: 8.6
Although the plot was even more episodic than the first season, and even seemed random at times, the nostalgic Joe/Ariel lovers will love this. The character development in the show is remarkable, and any lingering doubts that the pair are NOT made for each other are utterly erased by the end. The emotions definitely become very intense, and it managed to be philosophical without being depressing. Honestly, I totally loved it, but I don’t know if that’s just me and my undying attachment to the characters. Which is why I’m trying to be a little more objective with my rating.

(S) Rating: 10

Yes, I want to. I got so damn involved in this drama. As Destiny said, especially at the beginning its very episodic, but it lacks completely any… theatrics, for want of a better word. The focus is completely on the characters. Ariel Lin literally lives Xiang Qin; one of the best acted roles ever. Joe, you are still a sekshy man. Pure love.

Favourite scene: The last episode, again; so emotional.

Tokyo Juliet

(D) Rating: 2
Extremely repetitive; ceaseless circle of unnecessary jealously and angst. Wu Chun’s cone pants were also unhelpful…

(S) Rating: 3

I didn’t get past the first 5 episodes. Everything in this drama that is supposed to have any significance is rendered pointless by whatever comes next. Ariel wears pretty clothes. I in fact rather admire Wu Chun’s cone-ness. I may go back to it someday, for him…

Favourite scene: Wu Chun putting the cap on her head and saying girls shouldn’t let anyone see their tears. Wu Chun, you.

Why Why Love

(S) Rating: 5.6
This is basically an unofficial sequel to Devil Beside You, since it stars the same three protagonists, with basically the same personalities. It started off very good, yet somehow, somewhere along the line it went, well, bad. It changed genre somewhere in the middle. Rainie and Mike’s chemistry still sparks.

Favourite scene: I’m saying the penultimate episode (yes, again), even though it was possibly the worst episode I have ever seen. It was painful to watch. I suspect this is in a good way. He took the hurting them to push them away for their own sake to a whole other level.

(D) Rating: 6
Slow start, suddenly got really interesting… and then crashed. I stopped right before the last episode, but I’ve heard of what happens in the end, and… well, I’m not really motivated to get back to it.

Ying Ye 3 Jia 1
(D) Rating: 8.5
Interesting plot. Suspenseful and dramatic, but still light and funny. A good watch.

(S) Rating: 8

Some things do not make sense, especially in the first ep or two, but the story works very well at keeping you interested. Qiao En and Mingdao’s chemistry sparks again; Mingdao is very adorable here. The Other Guy smashed my expectations of him, so now I’m pretending he doesn’t exist.

Favourite scene: When Ah Jiang saves her and then lies again. Ah, Ah Jiang.


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  1. I’m a Vic Zhou fan. I already watched Mars and Silence. I totally agree with your high ratings for these two dramas. Keep up your good work 😀 I’ll try to see other dramas that you recommend.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago
  2. * svelte says:

    Great comments! Keep up the great work. I agree with all your comments. Hope to see more comments on other dramas and movies. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago
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  4. * wan chee kin says:

    prefer the characters in the why why love to the devil beside you.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 8 months ago
  5. * vgag says:

    I totally agree with some of your favourites, including: Hana Kimi, ISWAK and My Lucky Star. Not everyone agrees that MLS was good, but I’m a great fan of Leon Jay Williams, and I enjoyed his role as Jimmy Lin’s brother, LOL.

    | Reply Posted 7 years ago
  6. * Kat says:

    You should watch Love Keeps going very good

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  7. This is a good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere. Brief but very accurate info? Appreciate your sharing this one. A must read post!

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