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Nuguseyo? Ep 1 Picspam

I know, I know. All I can say is; I’m just not a lucky person. Na-nun chaesu-ga an choa. Warning: Big, HQ stuff happening behind the cut.

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Review: Who Are You?

Drama: Who Are You?
Rating: 9.9

Just finished this a few minutes ago. I’m not quite sure what I subtracted the .1 points for, but this was definitely one of best dramas I’ve seen for a while. The story was rather original, and focused a lot of family relationships. I also loved how the characters developed overtime in the story. Bonus points for Yoon Kye Sang’s acting; he was absolutely hilarious when he played the father, but also managed his awkwardly rude/stern character really well. Even though I was really sad when this was over, the ending was really satisfying on all levels. Definitely a must-see.