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Nuguseyo? Ep 1 Picspam

I know, I know. All I can say is; I’m just not a lucky person. Na-nun chaesu-ga an choa. Warning: Big, HQ stuff happening behind the cut.

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Bollywood Couples

Hi guys!

If you’ve been wondering where Sheeree is, she’s stuck in Birmingham without any internet (she finally managed to email me yesterday about it; I’ve been wondering where she disappeared to too =P). Which sucks for her, because she’s still in the middle of Hong Gil Dong and currently has no way to continue. I figure she’ll be back in a few days. As for me, I’ve been on a drama hiatus for the most part (except for weekly episodes of Fated To Love You; watched episode 14 yesterday!), although I did see the Bollywood movies Sarkar Raj and Namastey London (that one was a rewatch), the ratings of which are now on the Bollywood Review page. Oh, and I watched Kurosagi The Movie, of course, which I posted about a few days ago.

So, today I’ve decided to post about Bollywood Couples instead! The purpose of this post is basically to rant about and diss all the couples I have a problem with. And maybe talk about the couples I actually like. Oh, and to picspam, of course! Even though I watch more dramas, Sheeree’s a bit more on top of the other Asian news, so maybe we’ll have a Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese couples post when she gets back.

We’ll start off with my childhood favorite, Salman Khan, of course… who I’ve basically loved since I was 3. It’s unfortunate that he’s gotten a tad stiffer/bulkier in recent years, but he’ll always be amongst my favorites. After the fiasco with Traish Aishwarya Rai, who I’ll get to in a minute, he’s finally recovering. Although his current girlfriend, Katrina Kaif, is a BIT young for him (but, hell, this IS celebrity gossip we’re talking about), it’s always a step up from… you know who. =]


And, since we’re already on the unfortunate topic, here’re Aishwarya Rai’s past three relationships. Although she’s already had a very destructive effect on Vivek Oberoi and Sallu (both of whom she HAPPENED to have attacked just when they were at the peak of their careers, and left when they started going downhill), I think her marriage with Abhishek has toned her down a bit. Apparently, Jaya Bachchan didn’t really like her (I wonder why…) when Abhi and Aish first started dating, so Aish had to start humbling her ego and become more religious to finally hook Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor… and, honestly, there’s not much more I can say about that.

Click below for more couple gossip!

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