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I feel the rue

I’m sorry! Bear with me, Destiny’s off holidaying, and I am now employed. I am officially a minimum wager. =.=” So my internet time ain’t so great; I have an end of Zettai Kareshi post all waiting to be written, and no time to write it! A week or two should see me with my much coveted Macbook, though, so this should get better.

Everybody hwaiting! ^^

– Sheeree


Random picpost

SQUEE Joe looks so handsome. And Qiao En is gorgeous! Fated To Love You lapse is killing me softly. =/

Source: asianfanatics

Hiroshi Tamaki stars in naval epic “Manatsu no Orion”

Actor Hiroshi Tamaki is taking the lead in an upcoming suspense film titled “Manatsu no Orion,” directed by Tetsuo Shinohara. Based on the novel “Raigeki Shindo Juukyuu-ten-go” by Tsukasa Ikegami, the movie is set near Okinawa during World War II. While the main focus is a naval battle between a Japanese submarine and an American destroyer, the film also portrays the personal relationships among those involved. Tamaki plays the warm-hearted captain of the submarine.ใ€€His close friend and colleague is being played by CHEMISTRY’s Yoshikuni Dochin, who is making his acting debut with this role. Toho and TV Asahi are involved in production. Filming started on July 1, and next month some scenes will be shot in the U.S. using a preserved WWII-era destroyer. Theatrical release is scheduled for 2009.

Source: tokyograph – Everybody’s doing movies these days! Good luck to him! And doesn’t naval make you thinka belly buttons?

– Sheeree

Absolute Boyfriend/Zettai Kareshi – eps 1-7/11

Told ya. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Spoilerful thoughts on eps 1-7, based around the characters again. By the way, do you guys want me to do spoilerfree intro picspams for dramas, like I did for Fated To Love You? Marhae!

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Still alive!

Just wanted to say I’m still here, alive n kickin’. My curse is playing up again, but I’ll be doing a post on Zettai Kareshi today or tomorrow; watch out for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the meantime, some Bollywood gossip:

  • Most shockingly; apparently, Hrithik Roshan hurt his knee/kneecap, and may not be able to dance again!!!! Be warned: the source of this is my friend’s mother. Judge her credibility for yourself. But, NO, Hrithik!!
  • Bollywood’s supposed newest couple? Saawariya’s Sonam Kapoor, and Rang de Basanti’s Kunal Kapoor! Just a rumour so far, since both say they are just ‘very good friends’. Of course. How cute! ^^
  • Um, I feel a tad sleazy posting this, but what the hey. Apparently, there’s a vid floating around on the internets of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone kissing. Meh. I saw them on TV hugging at an airport, though. Adorable!
  • Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mujherji have signed a film together; and Rani will be playing a cricketer! No waiz! I LOVE them both, and I hope it works out well. And she doesn’t end up looking that much older than him. Babyface sure creates problems, first Vidya, now Rani…

Death Note is getting a Hollywood remake

Death Note goes Hollywood!

In yet another addition to the Hollywood remake list, Death Note has now been green lit for a Hollywood remake by Vertigo Entertainment. You may remember this company for remaking Japanese horror classics such as The Grudge, Dark Water, The Departed (Infernal Affairs), The Eye and recently Shutter.

It has been tipped that The Parlapanides Brothers currently working on a remake of the classic Johnny Depp TV series 21 Jump Street will be writing the screenplay for Death Note.

With two Japanese films already released plus a spinoff film of L, Death Note is now really truly coming to life. Just don’t start writing people’s names in a notebook and proclaiming that you’re Kira.

Source: Madman Entertainment. Although its everywhere.

Here they go again… Already meh about My Sassy Girl, which still seems like its never going to release.

– Sheeree

Happy birthday… to me

I’m sure this is not half as exciting as Sheeree’s Code Blue entry, but, by the way, it’s my birthday. =D

On that note, I’m going to be visiting India for a month, so won’t be back here until around August 6th/7th. However, don’t panic, because Sheeree shall be carrying this blog on her (undoubtedly) capable shoulders till then.

Love you all greatly, and I’m sure I’ll think about you once or twice while I’m having a blast on my vacation.

(Or maybe not.)

Peace out,

Code Blue

Yamapi’s new drama Code Blue airs today! (Or already has? I don’t know about the time difference.. =/) Eh, but, anyway, here’s a short clip where you get to see Pi with his cute new hair and his costars, Aragaki Yui and Erika Toda.

– Sheeree

Hong Gil Dong – thoughts and stuff

Its been about a week now since I finished Hong Gil Dong, but things need to be written! Originally, I planned a half-way through post, so most caps are from halfway, ep 12. I’m writing around the characters, basically. Spoilers and thingies.

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Ethan’s nudity – we’re all disappointed

So, it finally happened, Ethan’s naked swim, but not as we expected.

Ethan Ruan strips off his clothes…only fishes and shrimps can see

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