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Nuguseyo? Ep 1 Picspam

I know, I know. All I can say is; I’m just not a lucky person. Na-nun chaesu-ga an choa. Warning: Big, HQ stuff happening behind the cut.

Go Ara‘s Son Young In

Eatable, ain’t she? Distractingly pretty; takes a couple of eps to get used to it.

She has issues with an irresponsible daddy.

HARSH, this scene. Daddy’s played by Kang Nam Gil. He’s awesome.

Daddy has a pretty girlfriend:

Predictably, Young In hates her guts. So, celebrating pretty girlfriend’s birthday, and while they’re getting all touchy, this happens:

Spoils the mood, a tad. So they’re in a park, and lots of screaming ensues, and guess who’s nearby, making out with her boyfriend?

Once they get the whole saving them from being burnt alive thing out of the way, Daddy’s not happy. Boyfriend gets a bit of abuse.

Haha, I love his outraged look. Cutie. Wish he’d made another appearance. I also love how Papi asks him his name; makes the violence just that bit more personal.

So, Young In’s mad because

Whereas Dad’s got other concerns:

Here’s our Main Guy, Yoon Kye Sang’s Cha Seung Hyo.

This guy is HILARIOUS. He has obsessive compulsive disorder. Doesn’t it feel like Xmas?

He needs his pens in order…

He sees a hair in his file, OMO!!!!

HEART ATTACK IMMINENT. We are saved from a one episode drama by his trusty Drawer.

He’s got more tweezers than a girl.

When we’re first introduced to him, he’s being the ruthless, cold-hearted bastard that he is in a business meeting with this guy:

He’s busy getting ready to tear him to shreds, when kapchagi…

What’s wrong, Depyo? He’s distracted by THIS BABY:


Main Peoples’ first meeting: she uses the opaque window of his flashy car as a mirror. Resourceful li’l thing, isn’t she?

So, anyway. Depyonim (Representative) is a jerk. People hate him. People egg him.

He doesn’t go hide in his car, though. Suave pwnage ensues:

Ouch. Back in the car, though, and he’s going crazy:

While his driver and hot secretary LOL:

So he just yells at ’em to get out:

They’re not happy.

Hot secretary curses him:

Two seconds later…

He’s been such a jerk, but he looks pretty vulnerable in this position..

But, wait… who’s dead??


Who himself is way confused, and has no recollection of how/why the heck he’s suddenly a ghost.

Poor Young In.

They’re saying its suicide. Daddy’s all NO, I WOULDN’T, I DIDN’T!!!

Loansharkies come looking again, even at the funeral:

And to save the day, in dashes this guy:

Jin Yi Han‘s Shin Jae Ha.

Not to go too spoilery on ya or anything, but I don’t like him. Despite his singing abilities. He has hiiideeen mootivattionnnsss…

So Young In’s left to mourn her Dad:

He’s dead all right. Really sad scene, this..

Grim Reaper?

Daddy REALLY doesn’t want to leave yet, leaving his daughter alone like this… and the Reaper sees his pain, and thinks…


Additional thoughts:

Currently, I’m on episode 9, and so far, its VERY good. The funny bits are HILARIOUS, and the emotional bits are very touching. The father-daughter relationship is portrayed so well, with regrets on both sides; Young In, feeling abandoned and angry, yet starting to realise that her father wasn’t the irresponsible, irritating, lazy, bad guy she always thought he was, and her dad, who’s whole life and love has always been his daughter, struggling to watch her struggle by herself.

Yoon Kye Sang is AMAZING to watch. SO. MUCH. CRACK. His selfishness, his confusion, his possessions… so fascinating, so fun to watch.



– Sheeree


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  1. * lola says:

    omg this series was soooooo good. And I loved YKS’s bipolar acting, ahaha… hes so adorable when he is possesed. ❤
    It;s such a sweet drama. you’re gonna love it!!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  2. * xiahkixiri says:

    Thanks lola! I really do! ^^ I’m partway through ep 14 right now, I’ll probably finish it tomorrow. SOOOOOOOOO good. I need him to kiss the life out of her right about now. =p

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  3. * lola says:

    lol they do more like the typical korean frozen kiss. xD

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  4. * xiahkixiri says:

    I sawed. *facepalm* But I liked their first kiss, the one shown from a distance. I wanted to see it, but at the same it made it like their own private moment, so it was nice. Awww. ❤

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago
  5. * lola says:

    aww yea… it was exactly the point.. making it like a private moment sort of thing. nonetheless so heartwarming. *0*

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago
  6. Great web site you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find good quality writing like yours nowadays.
    I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!

    | Reply Posted 5 years ago

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