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Absolute Boyfriend/Zettai Kareshi – eps 1-7/11

Told ya. 😉 Spoilerful thoughts on eps 1-7, based around the characters again. By the way, do you guys want me to do spoilerfree intro picspams for dramas, like I did for Fated To Love You? Marhae!

Aibu Saki‘s Izawa Riko

She’s the typa girl who knit guys sweaters, bake them food, fawn all over them; and get Dumped with a capital D. So when the above happens, of course she’s going to take it. All she has to do is fill in a questionnaire.

^ How easy. And she ends up wiiiiiith…

Hayami Mokomichi‘s Tenjou Night.

Nope. A robot. One thing’s for sure, they picked a guy with the most perfect body for this role.

Hee! He’s always all ‘I love you, Riko’. And Riko’s basically been reaaally mean to him. I know its because she thinks of him as an electrical appliance and all, but geez. SHE PROGRAMMED HIM. He’s supposed to be perfect, so why does she get annoyed when he follows her around and does all those sweet things? Huh?

I know, I know, because he only does it because he’s programmed to. Or so SHE thinks. Until the end of ep 7, anyway, when his sweetness FIIIINALLY got through to her.

Hey, this guy was in Gokusen 2, too. I reeeally need to watch the Gokusens, EVERYBODY was in those.

Still, I think I’m shipping her with…

Mizushima Hiro‘s Asamoto Soshi

And not just because he’s got a pulse and is nanba senpai. I reeeally like Soshi. He’s not your typical badboy who has a high position in his father’s company and lazes around and gets glared at all disapprovingly by his big brother. Soshi’s smooth and the girls like him, of course, but he’s not all badboy hiding his good nature, either, nor is he rebelling for attention. He’s naturally cool/calm, and seems equally comfortable in just his own company. And he really thinks Asamoto are too focused on making confectionary which simply looks pretty, no matter what the taste, focusing too much on aesthetics and sale figures.

Observant, too.

Him and Riko work well together.

Sasaki Kuranosuke‘s Gaku Namikiri

Nighto-kun’s programmer!! He needs 01 to work, so he can mass-produce more. And so hides it from his chief when things go wrong. And by Things, we mean Nighto-kun starting to react by himself, having flashbacks, coming to conclusions through his own thinking processes. Machine evolution? A.I.?

Him and Night can be OTPish, anyhoo.

Ueno Natsuhi‘s Ito Mika

Mika sucks. ^^ Okay, she doesn’t suck, but… she’s the kind of girl who dates many guys at once, who dates guys knowing they already have girlfriends, that type. And she pretends to be Riko’s best friend, but secretly sabotages her. Don’t really know what to make of Mika; she made Riko’s crush go out with her, even though SHE was already dating him, because she knew Riko liked him, which was sorta nice,in a perverse kinda way…

(OMO OSCARRR!!!!!! ^^)

And I can understand her being pissed with Riko, watching Night be amazing, and Riko brush him off all the time. It was quite sad, her seeing potentially earnest love for the first time when she ‘reset’ Night, and then having him go back to Riko… Maybe she should buy 02…

The love triangle… I don’t even know. I really like the end theme though, where the three of them are all united and kawaii


I don’t like this as much as I thought I would. I’m not involved, you know? Not always, of course, usually when Night feels sad when Riko’s mean to him, then.. but mostly, I’m pretty detached. Not that its a bad drama, in any way. It’s funny, and cute, and interesting. But I’m just not there. Hm. The end of ep 7 was a sure improvement, though! Things went up a notch; Riko FINALLY appreciated Night, Night’s bracelet fiinally glowed happy!pink, and Soshi gave that awesome grin, acknowledging that he does like Riko.

Probably finishing it tomorrow.

– Sheeree


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