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Randomosity Post of the week

Hello, underlings!!

Today I present random vids for everybody to try out. Shall we begin?

1 – This is Heechul and Yesung from Super Junior, dancing to Bi’s I’m Coming (now infamous thank you Colbert). Mostly Heechul taking centre stage, as he does, but Yesung’s bits are also hilarious. ❤ Heechul randomly starts doing DBSK’s O dance in the middle. Mostly pelvic thrusting, and then I love how he holds his hip afterwards a couple of times, like he’s done it too hard and it hurts. ^^ Typical Heechul crack. As always, he gets reeeally into it, and then realises how into it he is, and stops and laughs, and then gets reeeally into it again. =D

2 – Okay, so Johnny Depp is the (non-Oriental) love of my life. This is a fanmade MV of Edward Scissorhands, to the song Our Farewell by Within Temptation. Kaseum-i appo. Captures the movie perfectly; it’s hilarious, and then without realising, the funny becomes painfully sad. ❤ Johnny.

3 – A real purty MV, A Doll, by Lee Ji Hoon, feat Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung. H.O.T’s Kangta’s also there, on piano. The guy makes a mannequin version of the girl that he likes, and imagines how it would be if she were alive. Awww. Gorgeous vocals, lovely melody. Hye Sung has H.O.T hair. =D

4 – And finally, in honour of the Miyavi concert tonight that I cannot go to: a video of Miyavi having his random spazzy moments. ♥ This includes him doing weird half sideways roly-polys on the sofa, and getting up at random intervals to hit some random chords on his piano. He walks away at the end like he’s half drunk. Wonderful thing.

See you next time!

– Sheeree


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    Very nice!!

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