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Fated to Love You – ep 13

I know, I know, I’m behind. But ep 13 was the IT one, the Big Cahuna; picspammage, and more thoughtful/spoilerful commentary behind the cut.

She threw it away!!

The chip Cun Xi gave her, to remind her that her fate was always in her own hands. There it goes, and off Xin Yi sails to Shanghai with Dylan.

Old habits die hard:

Dylan sees this and yells at her:

Cough. Sorry, I got carried away. But this scene is very important; THIS is why Dylan rocks me so. He’s playing hardball, for her own good. He’s going to force her to change, dammit.

So, Xin Yi runs away crying, and meets her admired Master Zhong Shan Long, without knowing its him. Esteemed master gives her some good advice, and our Xin Yi is ready to be transformed.

Ain’t he pretty? Hem.

Bianca Bai‘s Anna.

I actually don’t hate Anna. At first, I did a little because a) it’s expected, as an Other Girl, that is the purpose of her species, and b) she was supposed to be the elegant dancer chick, but then she tried too hard to act cute. But she grew on me, and while I don’t especially like her, I don’t hate her either, because she isn’t vicious. Her actions last episode, although they led to the death of Ji Nian Pin (I wish they hadn’t given him a name! =( ), were not vicious, or done for the sake of cruelty. It was an act of desperation, to keep hold of the man she loves. And she’s sorry.

So it looks like she’s ready to move on, and then I get confused, because they’ve acknowledged he loves Xin Yi, and then:

And then they stand and stare at each other…

Scene end… and then, later on, he mentions her as his fiancee!! What the heck happened?? Please don’t tell me the pity thing again. =.=”

So, two years pass…

And our Cun Xi is also growing and maturing; he’s looking after the orphanage kids for her now:

One of them shows him the frownyman painting of him that Xin Yi did:


Poor thing. There’s a new Sticky Note girl in his office, now, who he’s trying to look after now:

^ See that? Helping a pregnant lady across the street. I was having niggling feelings about Cun Xi in the last few episodes; I’m not quite sure if my problems were with Ethan’s acting, or his character. In the ep, I think both have matured, the former to some extent at least. He seems pretty lost without Xin Yi. Losing her and their baby…

I really liked this scene between him and Anson, who wants to attend a love fest, and is the only one working overtime (apart from new Sticky Note Girl, of course):

He doesn’t want Anson to blame him/the company if he can’t find a wife. ^^ Aww.

Anson feels for his director:

Jaiyou, Director.

I really like Anson; he really looks out for his (at least previously) young and rather immature Director. He doesn’t ship Anna or Xin Yi, really, he wants the best for everybody, the practical solution. Go Anson. I hope he finds a wife at this love fest thing of his, too.

Anna’s becoming a teacher:

WHY are they still together, dammit?

So, while Cun Xi suffers, Xin Yi is becoming Elaine:

Okay, okay, with the English name = modern thang. But our new girl is not common at all, anymore, and so she needs an uncommon name. Hau.

Studying under Master Zhong Shan Long, and of course Dylan, for 2 years:

Becoming confident and competent, while our Cun Xi suffers.

Doesn’t our Xin Yi, hem, sorry, Elaine, look so much more gorgeous all happy like this than she did during her previous ‘makeovers’?


Don’t you guys just LOVE seeing Xin Yi (I can’t call her Elaine!!!!) like this???!! She’s GLOWING. Our new girl is someone others admire, too:

And so Dylan’s gaze is more gentle because of her and all, and he asks if he can’t be with her in the name of ♥ ai ♥ also. And she laughs and thinks he’s joking, and he’s all, bu khwe ba!

I love how straightforward Dylan is. He still asks her why she won’t take him seriously. And she says if her first exhibited art piece sells at their exhibition tomorrow, she’ll go out with him as his girlfriend.

Hee!! ^^ Just before that ^ he asks her if Cun Xi’s still in her heart. And she says he is; but not in that way. She’s kept him as a part of her heart, and used him and her experiences with him to become a part of her story, the way Master Zhong Shan Long advised her to. That right there, that is why I think this drama is doing so well, why its ratings are shooting through the roof (and why Ethan and River are getting nekkid ^^): typically, you’d expect Xin Yi to move away and change and all, but to repress her feelings for Cun Xi, and then have him find her, and her fall into his arms. He does come back to find her, it happens (I don’t know about that last part since I haven’t seen 14 yet), but I don’t think she’ll just fall back into his arms, nor do I think she’ll resist stubbornly, while actually wanting to go back to him and it being only a matter of time. She’s become a different person, her memories of him aren’t stifling her, so here we go, into previously unchartered territory. You’d expect for previous Xin Yi to be presented as a perfect Main Girl, sacrificing herself for others, always, one that Main Guy learns to care for. Again, Main Guy does learn to care for her because of this, but letting herself be treated as second class isn’t presented as a good thing; her goodness isn’t enough, it isn’t healthy for her: the positive message it sends is really wonderful, I think. I really like how the previous Cun Xi and Xin Yi truly weren’t compatible, it wasn’t just a case of simple misunderstandings – even though those misunderstandings did, again, happen, and were what caused their seperation, the way they were before, they didn’t fit, just like Master Zhong Shan Long’s pointy cup/coaster thingy. The drama takes familiar, loved yet cliched and overdone characters and situations, and turns them into something completely different and unexpected. Awesomeness reigns. ^^

Ep 14, plz to be comin’ my way, kthnx. I wonder if it can really beat Prince Turns To Frog’s all-time ratings…



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