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Kurosagi The Movie

Rating: 6

I finally watched this movie on MySoju!

The movie was, overall, largely unimpressive. Unlike the Proposal Daisakusen and Nodame Cantabile specials, which wrapped up the dramas nicely and gave the audience some long-awaited couple moments, Kurosagi The Movie attempted to give more insight into Kurosaki’s character and relationship with Katsuragi, who has basically created him. Although I did like the Shakespeare references (with both Julius Caesar and Othello, which I just happened to finish recently) and the background into Katsuragi, it seems like Kurosaki’s character is too stagnant. It was just like another Kurosagi episode instead of an extra movie. The plotline didn’t really move and Kurosaki didn’t change… it was exactly what I got out of the plot in the last episode of the drama. Not that that’s a bad thing; the way it ended seemed to be befitting of Kurosaki’s character and situation. If he could move on from swindling for justice, he wouldn’t be himself and would have nowhere to turn. Even if he destroys the people who swindled his family, there would still be other families being swindled and ruined. He’s kind of like Superman. =D

The most intriguing part of the whole plot, however, was his relationship with Katsuragi. Even with an understanding of Kurosaki’s character, I really did want him to free himself from Katsuragi’s control. In the end, it seemed like Katsuragi played a sort of fatherly role for Kurosagi… so, even though you want to either hate him or see the True Good in him, you really can’t do either. And neither can Kurosaki.

So, I guess the plot DID develop enough to give insight into Kurosaki’s life… but, the one thing I cannot forgive is the Kurosaki/Tsurara (Yamaki!) moments. Or lack thereof. Maki barely had a role in the movie, and THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE. There is only one okay moment they had, but, really, what are they playing at? Don’t they realize what an audience wants?!

Because Kurosagi was my first Jdrama and everything, it took me a while till the whole movie settled in and all my mixed emotions/expectations died down before I could figure out how to rate it. =P



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  1. * cujie-chan says:


    I’ve watched the movie too (managed to download it somewhere..) and I agree with you on everything. It seems that the movie is not the end of Kurosagi although it tells you how it all really begin and the relationship of Katsuragi and Kurosaki.

    What I’m upset most is the scene for Maki. Don’t you think it is better not to put her in if they decide to go with the storyline. You are totally right, people do want to see more of them.

    But even with this, most of the actors/actresses had done well to their character. If only the story can go beyond what they have shown us.



    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  2. * yamapiluver says:

    I do agree with you. The movie itself is no masterpiece but there are a few outstanding features that stood out. Although But to say the least, I liked the fact that his (Kurosagi’s) scheme/ploy caused innocent blood to be spilt and realizing this brought upon doubt and soon he realize that he is but a pawn in Katsuragi’s game but sadly even knwing this,he allows it to fulfill his vengeance. That made be extremely sad. This is a really depressing special. Im not surprise that his acting skills improve but wat surprise me is the speed and the big leap of it.I think now he understands his character more. And of course, a part of Katsuragi’s humanity is revealed with the subplot between him and hostess. Ah the lighter ^^ i loved it.

    Some characters foreshadowed whats going to happen between Kuro and Katsuragi does this mean we get to have a Season 2? lol

    Im not surprise that the movie was a hit despite this. Kurosagi once again made history from 2006- as d drama with the highestdownload hit and 2008 being most rented series in J. Its pretty low budget with only 1 million US but it gained 14 million in total gross. Not including its gross in taiwan. Hope this means more movies for him.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  3. * xiahkixiri says:

    Since Destiny’s off, graduating and stuff, and I just watched this yesterday, I thought I’d check in instead. ^^

    cujie-chan: I think if they’d missed Maki out altogether, people would’ve been even more outraged! ^^ It was gratifying, actually, to see how comfortable Kurosaki and Tsurara now are with each other. Their second moment, ‘Hey Yoshioka’ ‘Yoshida des…’ ‘Yoshikawa des!’ And the way he turned back to look at her/snicker – I DIED. Their chemistry is just so off the bloody charts, there’s so much POTENTIAL, it’s just such a frustrating waste! A proper ending would’ve done so much.

    yamapiluver: I must say, I do agree. The good things in the movie really were very good. That’s what makes it so aggravating, there was just so much potential there, it all just came off as so fractured; awesomeness, mixed in with… not so awesomeness. I was really disappointed that Isagaki really didn’t know it was him. The first few times he looked at him, it was like there was something else there; for once, the swindler should not have been so damn EASY. I didn’t know it was such a big hit, though! Pulling power of Yamapi! He really is wonderful… &hearts

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  4. * Fan says:

    I’ve got to watch the movie & I have to admit that it wasn’t that much great as I expected to be..

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago

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