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Bad Family – Memorable Moments (Episodes 13-Final)

I finished Bad Family a few days ago!

Rating: 9.5

The ending had basically everything you could ask for. The couple moments were REALLY cute, and everything wrapped up beautifully. Really emotional/sad for a while, but they make the angst just right, and then go back to happiness. Lots of laugh-out-loud moments.

Read more for the final Memorable Moments (continued from Episodes 7-12):

The last few episodes of Bad Family are all about the couple moments:

Heechul and his girlfriend finally have a heart-to-heart conversation.<3

…awkward Main Couple hug.

Slightly less awkward.

The mother and father finally get engaged! Except it wasn’t QUITE as smooth as this dreamt proposal seems. =P

WEDDING<3! Their parental love for Na Rim also develops a lot (I don’t have a screenshot of this, but the mother actually jumps in front of a car to save Na Rim at some point; she was my least favorite character, because of her general selfishness, so that added ultra bonus points for her).

The uncle fails, as usual, at his romantic moment… Na Rim catches him proposing to his “niece.” It is, needless to say, upsetting to her. =P

Kiss attempt number 1 = Fail.

At last! This is one of the most awkward kisses I’ve ever seen (along with the It Started with a Kiss graduation night fiasco), but at least he made it this time. Gotta love how his ass is sticking out like that. =D


Loved how they wrapped up the show.

Back to the plot. Sort of…

Finally, we get to see Heechul’s rich home, after finding out why exactly Heechul ran away (which is very touching / less frivolous than I expected from his seemingly flighty character):


Heechul also DANCES in this. Which is only what is expected, of course, given his real career, but it doesn’t quite work in the show =P…


You gotta love the family unity (and, of course, disunity):


By the way, Na Rim does eventually realize her entire real family is dead:

=( That whole thing is really sad, but I’m really glad they never had her forget the fake family itself for a while (which is generally what happens in amnesia). Na Rim bounces back from the trauma really well though!

…and, with that sexy attitude, sabotages the Bad Guy’s life. =D

The Other Guy and Other Girl bounce back from their forsaken love too… err, sort of:

…you can’t help but love her.<3

It’s a little harder for the Other Guy, considering his father is arrested for multiple murders, fraud and various other Evil Person crimes. He’s adorable though.

There is, by the way, a “One Year Later” ordeal in which the Main Guy, ahem, finally attempts to finish his education:

…but it’s a bit difficult. =P

And what better way to end a show than with………………………………….


=] It was a good watch.


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