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Fated to Love You post of Ai

I, too, exist! What can I say, I’m cursed; my laptop crashed, so Que Sera Sera has come to a standstill. Woe is me, woe. Instead, I shall express my Fated To Love You love, with non-Spoilery character introductions and other random cuteness which is basically an excuse for a picspam. Fun stuff!

Chen Qiao En’s Chen Xin Yi

She is, indeed, the sticky note girl. The kind you use for your convenience, an unnoticeable thing you can throw away when you’re done. In her own words, an ordinary girl with an ordinary face and an ordinary personality.

The only male who’d ever taken notice of her was her Dad. Dad is no more. He told her that as long as she worked hard, her prince would come.

Ethan Ruan’s Ji Cun Xi

He’s all that, and more. Not in fact your typical cold hearted zhaunjhinlin (i.e Shan Jun Hao), but he’s rich, and smooth, and the world is his oyster.

Cun Xi sees her stickynotededness:

And wants her to overcome it.

As long as she has a chip left, she has hope, the power to change her fate.

River/Baron Chen’s Dylan

She think’s he’s a priest, and calls him Father Dylan (Dylan Shenfu).

She has the same name (the most common name in the marketplace, apparently) as his longlost sister, and so he wants to help her, in the hope that somebody out there is also helping his sister.

I am smitten; can you tell? ^^ He isn’t in love with her, although the rules of drama denote that this will change, but still treats her like a friend, not a charity case.

Dylan Shenfu is, in a word, awesome. He already knows how to make Cun Xi jealous:

He has a connection with Cun Xi’s NeNe (grandma), which hasn’t been revealed yet. NeNe herself is made of Win.

She wants nothing more than an heir for the Ji family, and kicks some Cun Xi butt.

This is Anson, Cun Xi’s right hand man:

Seeing him the in Behind the Scenes, too, he’s pretty great. Yay Anson! The Jiang Mu Island (Xin Yi’s hometown) residents call him Sissy Man. ^^

Oh, this is Xin Yi’s Er Jie (2nd sister). She is SO CUTE.

This is her imitating her husband (My Lucky Star’s Fa Ge!)

See what I mean?

Now that Cun Xi is acquainted with the Jiang Mu Islanders, he suddenly ain’t so smooth.

Yay Ethan.

I don’t know if this is because of Ethan’s acting, or Cun Xi’s character, but he sometimes bothers me a bit. His indecisiveness/irrationality sometimes really takes the biscuit. But I will leave all that for now. But, for the first time in my life, I am actually shipping Other Guy with Main Girl. I mean, come on. He knows she’s going to be heartbroken when she finds out about Cun Xi and the D-word, and says stuff like this:

To make her like this:

Plus, River totally fanboys Qiao En. ^^ He loves her electric eyes. Aww.

I, too, am seriously in love with Qiao En here. She really isn’t a doormat. And she’s so damn CUTE. Ni kan, ni kan:

And she does adorable things like this:

To make our Cun Xi like this:

He totally walks away smiling after that, although for the life of me I couldn’t cap it; he walks too fast!

Also I’m ignoring Other Girl for now. We shall keep our first FTLY post free from too much discussion. While I wait for HQ ep 11. Congrats to the cast and crew, ratings are steadily on the up!

That was fun.

– Sheeree


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  1. * cafemelrose says:

    haha! I love your comments — very funny and light. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  2. * xiahkixiri says:

    Why, sankyu. ^^ I deliberately limited myself, so I didn’t end up spoilering. That’ll probably come with ep 11 tonight.

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago
  3. * Una says:

    But, for the first time in my life, I am actually shipping Other Guy with Main Girl. I mean, come on. He knows she’s going to be heartbroken when she finds out about Cun Xi and the D-word
    And he is in love with her and he is actually better looking than Ethan (though not as tall, but who cares).

    I really REALLY ship those two, Dylan and Chen Xin Yi. They totally fit and he is a guy who for two years is in love with her, gives her the time to overcome Cun Xi and isn’t pushing. AWESOME!!! Can’t wait for the new ep.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  4. * xiahkixiri says:

    Me too! Ep 15 is being a jerk and won’t download. =.=” Actually, I want to see more change in Dylan. His love confession was cute and funny, but Cun Xi’s so heartbroken now… I don’t know. Dylan and Elaine fit together superficially, but those feelings aren’t there. AAAGH. Now I’m all confused!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  5. * nicole says:

    hi!etha ruan jing tian pls add me at my frienster and my ym. carmit_0122 bye (~_^) have a nice day

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago
  6. * Anonymous says:

    baron chen sana kayo nalang ni anna ang magkatuluyan bagay naman kayo eh sana makaintindi ka ng tagaloghumahanga lang naman kami sa inyo eh hindi naman namin kayo pinipilit samin lang bagay kayo

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago
  7. * Anonymous says:


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  8. * hillary says:


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