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Bad Family – Memorable Moments (Episodes 8-12)

(continued from Episodes 1-7)

All of these episodes were basically strewn with the Main Couple’s (Uncle/Sister… oh the incest) secret liking of each other / silly jealousy. Which I sometimes can absolutely hate, but it’s really cute in this drama. Maybe because the Other Guy and Other Girl aren’t really evil, and the Main Couple’s fights/moments are all just funny.


…for example, in this scene, the sister buys a secretly bunch of clothes for the uncle, saying it’s for her brothers, even though they’re all too big. And then wakes up the brothers in the middle of the night to give them the “presents”—they get all excited for it and try them on, and then she’s like “What a shame, it’s too big on you,” while he’s like “No, it’s okay; I like it anyway!” …and then she knocks him over while pulling the pants off of him to give to the uncle. Just a typical funny moment, but it’s cute. =]


Read on for more Memorable Moments…

So, I figured out why I like the Other Guy, Ha Tae Kyung, so much… his attitude is very reminiscent of Dao Ming Si from Meteor Garden! Except’s DMS’s not a sissy like him. But they’re both very childish and obnoxiously egotistical. As exhibited in his love confession:


Wuahaha, and back to the best couple of all… I love The Sister’s real brother’s smooth lines:


Back to the Hee Chul eye-candy… I kind of can like the girl he’s in ai with, but I wish she’d show a BIT more worth for him.


Speaking of Hee Chul moments, it’s really sweet when Na Rim is crying because she accidentally colors his hair orange in the family picture, so he goes out and actually dyes it for her. ^^ Even though the rest of the family’s really mean about it (they’re actually really mean to him all the time, because of his awkward rich-kid talk that they don’t understand):


At some point, the uncle gets in trouble with his gang leader while trying to protect the family. Finally, he gets called to meet the leader, who ends up forgiving him in a touching scene… but then the family, thinking he’s going to get beat up, jump out to protect him with brooms and buckets, while making “fighting” gurgling noises. It’s just classic. =D


I haven’t really talked about the Other Girl, but she’s quite hilarious as well. I like her because she doesn’t want to destroy the marketplace people’s lives, and she keeps doing silly “couple” things with the uncle, which he just doesn’t get:


…like that. He looks extra-gangster when she does things like attempt to jump into his arms or blow in his ear, and he’s just like “Say what?”


…you end up feeling pretty bad for the harabuji in this for a while, when he has to leave the dance club, which he loves, and then is told by the owner of another club that he’s too old to teach there. And then, of course, he gets prostate cancer, which he finds out a little later.


BUT, then at least he starts feeling loved again when the family plans a sweet surprise party for him. =D


So, I’m not quite sure what the relationship between the Other Guy and Other Girl are, because I thought they were cousins, which I still believe they are, yet apparently he used to say he’d marry her… I’m not sure if that was just childish naïveness, or if they’re not REALLY related. But, anyway, if they’re not really related, they’re matchingness’s pretty cute in this scene:


=D I love Hee Chul’s story-telling skills…


I think some of the best development in these few episodes is definitely the Father/Son relationship that develops between the harabuji and uncle:


And here’s a scene with the jealous competition between the Main Couple with the Other Guy and Girl… they’re all so silly; it’s great:



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