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Bad Family – Memorable Moments (Episodes 1-7)


Central plotline: Na Rim (Lee Young Yoo), who came from a wealthy household, lost her family in a car accident when she was nine. After the accident, she suffered from amnesia, so her uncle hired Oh Dal Gun (Kim Myung Min), an ex-ganster, to recreate a similar household with parents, sister, brother,grandparents and uncle in hopes that she would regain her memory. In a hurry, ODG ended up hiring all sorts of odd ball characters to act as members of NR’s family. (source: DramaWiki)

I’ll refer to the characters by their relationship with Na Rim to make it easier. The hearts represent, obviously, the pairings that seem evident so far (I’m not quite sure about the Grandma/Grandpa one yet). Note how Hee Chul/the brother is the only one who doesn’t partake in the incest (and likes someone outside the family).


Read on for the Memorable Moments…

In the beginning, while the plot was being set up, I was slightly bored with the characters, most of whom seemed selfish and annoying. However, the show finally started coming together in this scene:


…up to this point, Na Rim not only lost her memory, but also could not talk. However, just as the uncle was about to give up with the fake family and send her to America instead, she began to talk. This came about in the last scene, which was also one of my favorites, in which she gets lost in the woods, with the sister, who protects her even in the rain. And, when Na Rim’s all sad/scared that the sister’s injured, the sister’s like “Of course I’m okay, I’m Na Rim’s sister, so I’ll definitely be okay,” which is the line that gives Na Rim the security to get her voice back. =]

The father is one of the cutest characters in the show, because he’s one of those geeky/cowardly/emotional overly modest people who are, although annoying at times, very necessary in the midst of all the other “selfish”-like people. At this point, he has a crush on the mother and is secretly watching her dance with the harabuji/grandfather. Definitely a classically funny moment (especially with my awesome screenshot of this expression):


The main characters, the gangster uncle and the sister, have their first real couple moment! :


And here’s the father again, doing his whole crush thing, which everyone else’s oblivious to at this point:


…it’s funny and sad how everyone disregarded his flower present to the mother by insulting his taste/giving it to Nee Rim. =(


…this whole scene’s plot is really cute. The boy to whom the arrow’s pointing to is the sister’s REAL brother, who’s being forced into this middle school gang (who are, of course, coincidentally, attacking the father). The best part is the revenge, when the gangster uncle pretends to be a helpless guy so the gang bullies him… then scares the crap out of them and asks if anyone’d like to fight him. And, as planned, the brother kid volunteers, so the uncle’s like, “You’re so courageous; you’re my younger brother from now on. If anyone messes with you, I’ll beat them up.” =] Saving him at last.

The family also settles the past of the grandmother, who was kicked out by her husband for another woman in her younger years. The ex-husband’s dying and wants to make sure the grandma’s happy to settle his guilt, so the whole family helps out by showing that she’s really well-off (even though she’s really poor / real family-less). It’s sweet, even though they leave the uncle out of the plans, so he really thinks they were planning to set the sister on a blind date (jealousy!) until this scene, where he’s just confused:


Oh, and I forgot to mention the best couple of all!


…Nam Rim and her fake sister’s real brother (complicated, I know =P). You can’t tell with this bad quality, but they’re both really adorable. ^^


…going into the father’s drama, he basically uses all his money to support his family, so his kids can study abroad. But then, of course, his wife dumps him. This is an airport scene when his kids basically tell him they’re not going to see him anymore and just live with their step-father. Poor dope. (Haha, once again, I screenshot the worst facial expression =P)


…unfortunately, Hee Chul doesn’t have that big of a role so far, although he probably will have a few more lines once everyone realizes he’s really a rich boy who likes to do poor people things for fun. =] His *rich person* moments are hilarious though; every so often, he says the most inappropriate things, like suggesting that the grandma’s ex-husband should just, naturally, be sent abroad to “John Hopkin’s hospital” and everyone’s like “Meh?”

Wuahaha, anyway, so, the uncle decides to learn the piano to refresh Nam Rim’s memory of her last birthday (in which her real uncle plays the piano). So, there’s the scene of him practicing the piano… but THEN there’s this scene, of him using his ex-gang members as a keyboard to practice, by pointing his finger at them and having them bend down, repeating the piano keys’ sound effects. It’s just classic:


The actual birthday performance:


So, the Other Guy, who will soon like the sister isn’t all that great or hot. He’s obnoxious and mean, plus his father’s evil, so he’s bound to do something stupid sooner or later… but I still like him, somehow:


…he just seems like he’ll be cute when he realizes he’s in love with her (poor Other Guys; fated to fall hard, but still never get the girl).


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    LOL. I love it how Hee Chul always plays roles that are somewhat similar to what he acts like in real life lol.
    Thanks for the highlights.

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