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Warm weather, at last!

Sorry we’ve been a little slow on our updates; Sheeree’s been busy with exams and watching Que Sera Sera (K), and I’ve been watching Hong Gil Dong (K), which I recently finished and rated on our review page. And we’re both also in the midst of Fated to Love You (Tw).

Things to potentially look out for in the near future:
-Fated To Love You (Tw) picspam/memorable moments
Hong Gil Dong (K) memorable moments/comments on the ending
Bump Off Lover (Tw) comments on the ending


Rolling Love Looses Ratings

Oh no! I haven’t started Rolling Love (Tw) yet, but I was really looking forward to it, especially because of the cast, Jiro Wang and Tang Yu Zhe/Danson. According to the article, the ratings are so low that they might cut the show. This is really disappointing; I hope the ratings are low just because of the competition and not because the drama itself is bad. I’ll have to look more into it, I suppose. I’m also looking forward to the Taiwanese version of Honey and Clover, which is also mentioned in the article; the Japanese version was pretty good. It seems to have average ratings, so maybe it’s not bad? Taiwanese dramas tend to be happier too, so I’m hoping it’ll be even better than the other version.



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