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Who Are You? – Memorable Moments

Who Are You? – Plot Overview /Memorable Moments



So, we start off with this girl Young In—your average drama girl complete with hounding loan sharks:


Her father, Ill Gun, is clearly a nice guy, but a bit lax in judgment / ditzy / slightly stupid for getting into that huge of a debt. She “hates” him, wants to run away, and so comes the whole argument scene, which they litter with a bunch of “I wish I wasn’t your daughter!” and “I wouldn’t even cremate your body if you died right now” foreshadowing lines.


In the meantime, you meet Cha Seung Hyo, with his sexy CEO persona, and you know, immediately, he’s The One. Oh, and he’s also OCD about cleanness, by the way.


Fast-forward, Ill Gun’s dead, she’s alone at the funeral (except for the father’s ghost, who she obviously can’t see), until the loan shark gangstas show up to threaten her… annnnd *dun dun dun* we meet this guy:


Shin Jae Ha. Owner of a painting company. Saves the damsel in distress, Young In, from the loan sharks. Is a mysterious “old friend” of the dad, and seem fairly friendly. Of course, as Young In starts developing some nice trust for the guy, you know he’s bad news. Pretty soon you find out that the father death was a murder, Jae Ha is a scheming bastard who wants Ill Gun’s hidden, priceless paintings… blahblahblah… oh, and the father’s going to come back in Cha Seung Hyo’s body 3 hours a day. Which is fairly important to the story, I suppose.

And so the drama ensues. Onto some memorable moments…

Okay, so, at first, everyone, including Seung Hyo, thinks he’s gone psycho with his sudden second personality. His acting as the ditzy father is classic:



And speaking of hilarity, one of the funniest scenes was definitely when Ill Gun, in Seung Hyo’s body, visits Young In’s home and decides to help fold her underwear… if Young In/Seung Hyo’s co-workers didn’t think he’d turn into a psychopathic stalker before………………… well, there you go:

One of my personal favorite scenes, somewhere in the middle of the drama, is when we find out that the reaper person removed Ill Gun’s memory of his death. However, suddenly, Seung Hyo starts dreaming that scene of Ill Gun’s death and realizes it’s a murder. As soon as he starts making this true *connection* with Ill Gun, he sees the dead guy casually leaning on Seung Hyo’s house railing (thinking he can’t be seen, obviously, which is funny in itself). I just liked the concept of him *connecting* with Ill Gun, which causes him to have the ability to see the ghost. It clicks somehow.


At some point, we also get some insight on how Seung Hyo and Ill Gun are connected through their upbringing as orphans. Ill Gun is especially excited to play with the kids during their visit to his old orphanage (where all his valuable paintings happen to be hidden away), and, when Seung Hyo wakes up as himself, surrounded by kids, he starts showing some more emotion, at last:

Shortly afterwards, there’s a flashback to Seung Hyo’s childhood, which is one of my favorite scenes because it gives insight into his character and makes the audience really pity him. As it turns out, the reason he’s so OCD about cleaning is because the nun at the orphanage kept saying that his parents will come back to get him if he keeps extremely clean. This nun also kept promising him that, if he kept praying, his parents would definitely come back… which is definitely a horrible promise to make if there’s a high chance of it being false. Basically, the idiotic nun is the one that makes Seung Hyo so unemotional and lonely by raising the little kid’s hopes so high. I don’t know what on earth that woman was thinking. (By the way, little!Seung Hyo is absolutely adorable)

I think the “Oh shit!” moment in the drama was something I kind of suspected had to happen with the plot going the way it was (the fact that Ill Gun’s girlfriend knew that Ill Gun was in Seung Hyo’s body, but Young In, who was in love with Seung Hyo, didn’t)… the part when Young In, angry that Seung Hyo and Ill Gun’s girlfriend seemed so close, kisses Seung Hyo to mark her territory… not realizing, of course, that it was really her father. I think my exact reaction was, “Oh no, they did NOT just go there.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or be disgusted. So, naturally, I just sat there, flabbergasted.

Anyway, overall, the show did the Seung Hyo/Young In development really well, but the family/friendship moments definitely made the drama amazing. The destined connection between Seung Hyo and Ill Gun was really great. Although Seung Hyo helped Ill Gun move on into the afterlife, Ill Gun’s impact on Seung Hyo’s personality, finally showing him how to laugh and appreciate the important things in life, plus the whole twist that Seung Hyo was destined to die until Ill Gun gave him another chance… all those moments were certainly the most memorable of all.


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